Daisy in Chains – Sharon Bolton

daisy-in-chainsRating: 5/5

Read: 26th October 2016 – 15th November 2016


Hamish Wolfe is serving a prison sentence, for luring in 3 women through social media, on the nights that he met these women, he murdered them and left their bodies in local caves. Only 3 of the bodies of the women in question were found.
Maggie Rose is a successful crime author and lawyer who is well known for overturning murderer’s convictions and getting them released from prison. Maggie keeps her identity low-key and does not often appear in court or release pictures of herself.
Wolfe’s mother, who is the leading member of a pressure group trying to get her son released from prison, gets in contact with Maggie to try and persuade her to take her sons case on and appear in court as his defence lawyer.
Towards the beginning of the book, there were chapters written by the character, Maggie Rose, which were part of her latest crime novel she had started to write on Hamish Wolfe. I thought this was a great way to give readers backgrounds about the victims of Wolfe and how they were lead into the trap and ended up murdered.
After much persuasion Rose agrees to meet Hamish in prison, where he started convincing her of his innocence, it did not take long for Maggie to hand over legal papers for Hamish to sign in order for her to become his legal representative.
Part of the reason i loved this book so much is how interested i was in how Hamish Wolfe convinced Maggie of his innocence (the final few chapters of the book revealed why this was so easy for him to do so) and how a lawyer must think in order to form an argument to present in court.
Daisy in Chains by Sharon Bolton was really a fantastic read, one I thoroughly enjoyed reading for hours at a time. The explosive twists at the end are what will make this book so memorable to me, no one could ever guess the ending in a million years!! I can’t wait to purchase more books by this fabulous author!


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