The Accident – C L Taylor

Rating: 5/5

Read: 17th December 2016 – 25th December 2016the-accident


A brilliant, tense, chilling suspense novel! If I could rate this book more than 5 stars, I would!

Charlotte, the daughter of Sue and Brian, is in a coma after stepping in front of a bus. Was it an accident or did she attempt to kill herself? After her mother found her diary and read the final entry which ended “keeping this secret is killing me”, she was convinced her daughter was scared and in danger, which resulted in her trying to end her life.

Sue will do absolutely anything to find out why her daughter did what she did and what the secret was that she had been keeping. She’s paranoid and she trusts nobody, Charlotte’s boyfriend, best friend, even her teachers and Sue’s own husband are all scrutinised to decide whether they had anything to do with the accident. Sue goes to such extremes that Brian forces her to visit a doctor as he is afraid she is having another mental breakdown.

Throughout the book, Taylor alternates between Charlotte’s accident and Sue’s diary entries from when she was younger and in an abusive relationship with James. From this we can see that she was mentally ruined by her ex-boyfriend and this explains why she acts the way she does today, the reason why she struggles to trust people.

This book was absolutely brilliant! I found it very easy to read, although at times it was very tense, as I got further through the book the pace built and I struggled to put it down – finding myself still reading at 2am! There are some disturbing scenes in this book, mainly in the diary entry chapters which involve her ex-boyfriend physically, mentally and sexually abusing Sue.

I am extremely glad I was recommended this book at the book club I attend and I will definitely encourage my book loving friends to purchase and read. This was my first read by C L Taylor and I have already purchased The Lie and The Missing, I can’t wait to read them next. I can see myself becoming a big fan of Cally Taylor.


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