The Lost Children – Helen Phifer *Blog Tour*

Thank you so much for checking out my stop on The Lost Children Blog Tour!! Rating: 4.5/5 Read: 16th March 2017 – 23rd March 2017 UK US Lizzy pulled the covers over her head. Then she realised what was being dragged behind the person with the torch. She rammed her fist into her mouth... Continue Reading →

Happy Friday! Recent adds to my TBR pile!

Happy Friday everybody, hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day on Sunday! I usually try to contain my 'to be read' pile however this week I seem to have added loads of amazing-looking books to my ever-growing list! So I thought it would be good to share a few of those with you!... Continue Reading →

Rapid Fire Tag

Thank you so much to the lovely ‘If In Doubt Read’ Blog for nominating me for this tag!! EBOOKS OR PHYSICAL BOOKS? Tough question, I alternate regularly between my Kindle and real books, I love reading a real book but a Kindle’s so much lighter, smaller and easier for reading in bed or taking it... Continue Reading →

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