The Search – Howard Linskey *Blog Tour* @HowardLinskey

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Read: 27 April 2017 – 5 May 2017


Someone knows where the bodies are buried…

Little Susan Verity went missing during the heatwave of 1976. An unprecedented amount of police resource went into finding her, but to no avail. Until now.

Convicted serial killer Adrian Wicklow was always the prime suspect. In the past, he’s repeatedly lied to the police about where Susan’s body is buried – playing a sick game from behind bars.

But this time, he says, he’ll tell the truth. Because Adrian Wicklow is dying.

Detective Ian Bradshaw works with investigative journalists Helen Norton and Tom Carney to find the body. However, this is Wicklow’s life’s work. Would a murderer on death’s door give up his last secret so easily…?

When I first began this book I’ll admit I was slightly confused as you were thrown into quite a large number of different characters lives, in two different time periods and in a number of different perspectives, it was hard to keep up! However once I was past this confusion and got to know each character and what they did, I absolutely loved it!! The amount of characters ensured there was constantly something going on which kept you hooked and not wanting to put it down! This also meant the pace of the book was so high allll the way through, there was never a dull moment!

The three main characters in this novel were great, they were all so different but worked so well together! A point that I really loved about this book was there were two investigative journalists working alongside the police detective to find out the truth about the notorious child killer, I don’t think I’ve ever come across this in a book which made it a lot different to the average detective novel!

As there is so much going on throughout the book, the author did a fantastic job of ensuring the reader never really knows which direction the story’s going, there was constant twists and turns and there were different elements of each character which made them suspicious along with the big question, was Adrian Wicklow responsible for Susan Verity’s disappearance/death?? I honestly couldn’t make my mind up the whole time I was reading!! So the ending for me was a complete shocker!

I didn’t even realise when I began this book that it was third in a series so I was worried there would be parts I wouldn’t understand about characters and so on, however this wasn’t the case at all! You can totally read this book as a standalone too, but I loved it that much and it was so cleverly written that I’m going to go back and read the first two!

About the author:

Howard Linskey is the author of the David Blake series, the first of which, The Drop, was selected as one of the ‘Top Five Crime Thrillers of the Year’ by The Times, and he has been called “one of the most commanding crime fiction practitioners at work today” by the Financial Times. His latest, The Search is out next week. Perfect for fans of gritty BBC Drama’s Broadchurch and The Fall, The Search is completely gripping and works brilliantly as a standalone title.

I’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to Jenny Platt and Penguin Random House UK for the advanced copy of this book and the opportunity of being part of the blog tour! Make sure you check out the next few dates on the tour!! 


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