The Serial Killer’s Daughter – Lesley Welsh (Blog Tour) @bookouture

Good Morning, today is the publication day of The Serial Killer’s Daughter by Lesley Welsh and I’m delighted to be kicking off the blog tour with my 5 star review!!The-Serial-Killers-Daughter-Blog-Tour


Rating: 5/5

Read: 16th May 2017 – 25th May 2017


Charmer, liar, father… Killer.

Suzanne Tyler barely knew her father. But when she’s given a series of secret diaries and eight mysterious photographs of women from his possessions, she knows she won’t be able to rest until she knows the truth about him. 

To Suzanne’s shock, one of the photos is of her friend Sophie, who died ten years ago in an unexplained and devastating fire.

But Don only met Sophie once, on an unsettling visit he paid Suzanne just days before Sophie’s death… So why did he have a picture of her?

Unable to let Sophie’s memory alone, Suzanne begins to dig into her father’s life. What horrors is she about to unearth in his diaries? And who is it that’s out there, watching her every move?Serial-Killers-Daughter

This was one of those books where I was completely engrossed and absorbed right from the very first few pages, I knew I was going to absolutely love it straight away!! I loved the uncertainty of what was happening at the beginning and I couldn’t wait to find out what Suzanne’s visit from Rose Anderson, a lady she had never met before, would unearth!

Reading this book is like being on a roller-coaster ride, it gave me such a mix of emotions and I never knew what to expect next! I felt so sorry for Suzanne, I completely understood why she wanted her estranged father’s possessions and to discover the other half of her family, however as a result her life was shattered and could never be the same again. I was so afraid for Suzanne when she was given her father’s diaries which contained photographs of women, all different in every way. Although as soon as the photos were discovered I guessed the meaning of them, which I think was kind of given away with the title of this book! I think I would have preferred to find out her father was a serial killer whilst reading the book rather than by the title, however this didn’t really spoil anything!

Although this book is fictional I found it so interesting to delve into the mind of a ruthless, evil, cold-blooded killer! It’s incredible to think there are people living in this world that would have the same mentality and lack of remorse as the killer we get to know in this novel!

The author of this book has a fabulous way of writing which allowed me to picture the whole story in my mind, including locations and characters. I even pictured Cynthia’s home in Scotland as the castle from Beauty in the Beast!!! Which may or may not have been the intended image… probably not, but it worked perfectly for me! I found the novel so fast paced all the way through and the suspense just builds and builds with every page! The ending was extremely satisfying for the reader too, I can’t say much about that though without giving spoilers! This book was the perfect crime thriller and had every single element for me to be given a 5/5 rating!

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About the author
Lesley Welsh sadly passed away in April this year. Lesley was born in Strawberry Field children’s home and raised on a notorious council estate in Liverpool. Later she moved to London where she studied English and Drama and worked as a freelance writer specialising in alternative lifestyles. Her articles appeared in CosmopolitanMarie ClaireRedBiteTime Out and many others before she established Moondance Media, a magazine publishing company. Her dark and compelling short story Mrs Webster’s Obsession was turned into a film.  Lesley moved to Spain and sadly passed away in April. 
Massive thank you to the wonderful Kim at Bookouture and Netgalley for my advanced copy of this book!!

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