The Marriage Pact – Michelle Richmond (Blog Tour) 

Rating: 5/5

Read: 17th July 2017 – 24th July 2017


Firstly, I absolutely loved this book, it was a complete pleasure to read! I loved the way it was written, in the first person of the husband, Jake tells the story of their lives as if it was his diary. This gave us an insight into how he perceived their marriage and expressed his emotions. Ultimately he just wanted to make Alice happy because he believed she was perfect for him, marrying her to ensure their relationship lasted forever.

The whole topic of the book is a very important and relatable matter – marriage and the do’s and don’t’s to make it last forever! Jake was in fact a marriage counsellor, he was an extremely good judge of whether marriages could be saved and what should be done to avoid divorce. I found the snippets of statistics so interesting, they were all so different, facts I’d have never known otherwise.

Jake and Alice are very likeable characters, they were amazing so i was seriously hoping The Pact would work out for them and their belief and values would have a positive effect on their marriage. However i did find the whole thing very odd and creepy at the same time, but this didn’t change the fact of how much i loved this book!

Anybody reading The Marriage Pact will appreciate the freedom of their marriage/relationship with no set rules (with punishment if broken) and group of people constantly judging their actions.

A huge thank you to Jenny Platt and Penguin Random House for my copy of this incredible story and the opportunity to be on the blog tour!!


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