What I’ve been up to and reading in 2019

The year of turning 21 has been a good one!

I’ve worked my butt off, travelled to some amazing places, eaten some marvellous food and of course, read some spectacular books.

You may, or may not know I work in paid social marketing, so focusing on growth and development in my career has been big for me this year.

That and travel.

In February I visited New York for the first time and completely fell in love, I have pretty much dreamt about the city every day since landing back in Manchester on the 23rd Feb. I cannot wait to book and return for more exploring.

Screenshot at Dec 20 22-31-02

Screenshot at Dec 20 22-30-02








My next adventure began in May, starting in San Francisco, road trip to Vegas (a long 10 hour drive through sparse (very hot) desert) for a few days, next stop San Diego for a night, then Los Angeles and finally after a week on the road, back to San Fran to explore and chill (in Barnes and Nobel) for the last week of my trip.

Screenshot at Dec 20 22-31-17

Screenshot at Dec 20 22-31-32

Screenshot at Dec 20 22-31-44

Screenshot at Dec 20 22-31-56

The final vacay of the year – a complete de-stress and relax week in Tenerife, consisting of sleep, reading by the pool, eat. Repeat.

Screenshot at Dec 20 22-32-08

So, books.

Here’s some of my 5* reads from 2019…

The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware. Oh my god, if you’re into suspense, thriller, ghostly stories, this is a must read for you! Amazon Link

Half a World Away by Mike Gayle. Eye opening and just beautiful (you will cry, as I did on the return flight from Tenerife). Amazon Link

The Secretary by Renée Knight. Clever physiological thriller. Amazon Link

Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman. Crime thriller, crazy twists! Amazon Link


E x

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