The Accident – C L Taylor

Rating: 5/5 Read: 17th December 2016 - 25th December 2016 Review: A brilliant, tense, chilling suspense novel! If I could rate this book more than 5 stars, I would! Charlotte, the daughter of Sue and Brian, is in a coma after stepping in front of a bus. Was it an accident or did she attempt … Continue reading The Accident – C L Taylor


The Book of You – Claire Kendal

Rating: 5/5 Read: 16th November 2016 - 1st December 2016 Review: Clarissa is a working, single lady who is called to serve on a jury of a kidnap and rape case. One night at an event for work she got off her face on wine and the ‘lovely’ Rafe, a colleague, kindly walked her home, … Continue reading The Book of You – Claire Kendal