The Lie – C L Taylor

Rating: 4/5

Read: 25th December 2016 – 2nd January 2017


As soon as I finished The Accident I picked up this book because I enjoyed it so much! I found myself not being able to get into this book as well as I did with The Accident, mainly because I enjoyed the story line more in The Accident compared to this novel, however the book was still good!

This book follows the life of Jane/Emma, each chapter flits between present day life as Jane and 5 years previous where she was known as Emma.

5 years ago Emma and her 3 friends, Daisy, Al and Leanne, went on what they thought was going to be a relaxing, get away, holiday in a retreat up a mountain in Nepal, which turned out not to be what it seemed. Their long term friendships are put under strain and Emma is left feeling isolated and alone. Not all of the girls made it home from the retreat, with only Emma and Al returning to the UK believing their other two best friends were dead.

In the present day, Jane is finally settled with her life, working at an animal sanctuary and in a happy relationship with Will. Just when she thinks she has her life on track and has moved on from horror of a holiday 5 years ago, she begins to receive letters and Facebook messages, implying that Daisy is still alive. Her past is coming back to get her and the truth is going to come out.

Throughout the book the truth of what happened on the holiday is revealed and we start to understand why Jane had to create a new identity and leave her past behind.

This book was very well written, I felt like I was at the retreat in Nepal with the girls myself! I found myself wanting to shout at the other girls for being shit friends to Emma because maybe if they had all stuck together some of the horrible things wouldn’t of happened to them and they’d have all made it home alive. I will certainly be reading more by C L Taylor, I love how she writes and makes me feel so involved and absorbed into the story.


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